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Name:The Doctor
Birthdate:Jan 1
Appearance: He's been called skinny a time or two. Brown hair, brown eyes. Average height, though it's unlikely you'll get him to stand still long enough to actually get any measurements. He's rather fond of his pinstriped suit and his trainers. He's also got a pair of tortoise shell-rimmed glasses (a bit of a throw-back to the Fifth Doctor).

Personality: Charismatic and enthusiastic, he's also ruthless when he feels the need. He's a big, brimming box of ego. He's brilliant and he knows it. He's just fine with sharing that particular fact. He's highly energetic and apt to jump into situations if he feels he needs to step in. He's very arrogant, and he's got a bit of a temper. He's also fond of pop culture and little shops.

History: He's a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, and he traveled through time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space).

The Tenth Doctor regenerated during Christmas time in 2005 (technically). His companion, at the time, was Rose Tyler. They traveled together for a while, until eventually they were separated in the midst of a war on Earth between the Cybermen and the Daleks. Rose was taken to a parallel world by her father, and she had to stay. Right after this, he met Donna Noble, though she did not stay as his companion at the time. Instead, he took her home, though she remarked first that he needed to find someone who would stop him sometimes. His next companion was Martha Jones. He met her when the hospital she was working in was transported to the moon.

He offered her a single trip through space and time. It ended up being more than one trip...

He met up again with former companion, Captain Jack Harkness, and he, Jack, and Martha discovered the Master pretending to be Harold Saxon. The Doctor and Jack were captured and held for a year while Martha went across the world, spreading the Doctor's story. It's because of Martha that they were all freed, in the end. It became the year that never was as everyone who was not on the Master's ship had their memories erased from the past year.

Afterward, Martha decided to go home. It's then that the Doctor once again met up with Donna Noble. At that time, she said she wanted to travel with him ('says' meaning she tells him), and off they went. During his travels with Donna, he was called back to Earth by Martha, and then they ended up on the planet Messaline. It's there than the Doctor's DNA was used to create another single person: his daughter, Jenny.

The Doctor and Donna resumed travels, and met with River Song during this time. She knew his true name and told him in order to prove that she would be someone he can trust.

We come to the end of this Doctor's journeys when the Daleks stole the Earth and 26 planets to the Medusa Cascade. The Doctor, naturally, wanted to stop this. During this time, the Doctor was met again by Sarah Jane Smith, Martha, Jack, and Rose. In the midst of quite a bit of chaos, there was a human Time Lord created from the Doctor's hand by Donna (Meta-Crisis). Donna, herself, took the consciousness of a Time Lord into herself, but it was too much for her brain to handle. The Doctor was forced to remove all of her memories of him and their travels. They do manage to return the Earth and the other planets.

Immediately after dropping Donna off at home with her mother and grandfather, the Doctor walked through the rain to the TARDIS.

Disclaimer: Not The Doctor. Not Doctor Who. Not associated with the Doctor. Also not David Tennant. No profit being made.
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